Hook Twin Tie Plates for Sale

May 16, 2016
hook twin tie plates for sale

Hook twin tie plates, also known as HTTP, are used for fixing the rail tracks at the frogs or guard rails. AGICO is a hook twin tie plate supplier of some of the leading railroad material provider, such as ATT, A&K. Our hook twin tie plates totally meet the AREMA plan 241 standard.

The standard of hook twin tie plate

AREMA 1''thick HTTPs
Model Unit Weight(KG)
L29 13.93
L33 15.97
L37 18.01
LR28 13.42
LR32 15.46
LR36 17.5
H29 14.12
H33 16.16
H37 18.2
H41 20.24
AREMA 3/4'' thick HTTPs
Model Unit Weight(KG)
L23 8.53
L27 10.07
L31 11.61
LR23 8.53
LR27 10.07
LR31 11.61
H23 8.66
H27 10.21
H31 11.75
H35 13.29

agico twin tie plate samples tested ok from ATT

AGICO has been a railway material supplier for ATT, A&K and other worldwide leading railroad components providers for years, which makes us a trusted partner of your choice.

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