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Apr 28, 2018

compromise railway fish plates

Compromise joint bar also known as compromise railway fish plate, it is a special type of rail joint. Two ends of compromise joint bar have different sizes, which is designed for connecting different kinds of rail track. To improve the smoothness of railway track, except for the compromise joint bar, related railroad fasteners like fish bolts and spring washers are also required. For some working conditions, use bridge-type tie plates to strengthen the integral strength of railway track.

Compromise joint bar and related rail fasteners has wide applications in the railway lines, such as connection between railway switch and main track line, other types of rail connections. Generally, compromise joint bar is applied to 50kg and 60kg, 43kg and 50kg rail tracks.

Compromise joint bar maintenance

  • In general, the compromise joint bar has uniform section, short service life (2 weeks - 2 months). Under the repeat impact roller compaction, even the fish bolt can’t avoid breaking.
  • Some compromise joint bar is made by the track maintenance division. Due to the limitation of process condition, rail joint is rough, and the useful life is hard to promise. Once these compromise joint bars have any breakages, rail safety will be threatened.
  • The maintenance department should check the compromise joint bar frequently; replace the broken fish plate in time for ensuring rail safety.
  • Storing some sets of rail joint for changing it without a problem. Like we said before, compromise joint bars with uniform section have short useful life, the maintenance time and related labors will be increased.

Compromise joint bars of AGICO Rail

AGICO Rail is a leading railway fasteners manufacturer from China. Because quality and experience, we have exported our rail products to over 20 countries and regions, such as the USA, UK, Thailand, Canada, Indonesia, Uganda, and etc.

AGICO Rail supplies AREMA, BS, GB, UIC, JIS and other standard railroad fasteners, also customizes non-standard products with your drawing or samples. Our products include rail track, rail joint, rail clips, track bolt, railroad spike, tie plate, rail pad, plastic dowel, and other railway fasteners. 


No. Type Material Unit weight (kg/pc)  
1 136RE 36’’ 55# 26.72  
2 115RE 36’’ 24.5
3 136RE 24’’ 22.3
4 115RE 24’’ 20.4
5 100-8 36’’ 15.6
6 BS80O 55# 10.2  
7 BS80R 10.2
8 BS75A 8.86
9 BS90A 13.1
10 BS100A 15
11 UIC50 55# 18  
12 UIC54 22.8
13 UIC60 27.4
14 P65 55# 29.7  
15 Insulated 60 23.2


No. Type Material Unit weight
1 136RE-115RE 55# 27.5 4pcs per set
2 136RE-132RE 55# 26.7 2pcs per set
3 141RE-136RE 55# 26.7 2pcs per set
4 141RE-132RE 55# 26.7 2pcs per set
5 100-8 of 1/8〞vertical off 55# 15.6 2pcs per set
6 100-8 of 3/8〞vertical off 55# 15.6 2pcs per set
7 UIC60-P50 55# 23 2pcs per set
8 BS80A-115RE 55# 20 2pcs per set
9 UIC60 thermit welded joint 55# 18 2pcs per set
Material and bar length can be customized upon buyer request.


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