Where to find railroad spike?

Mar 17, 2017
where to find railroad spikes

Railroad spike, also called track spike, is one kind of railroad fasteners that is used in the rail track. What are railroad spike made out of? Basically, railroad spike are made of these materials, including Q235 carbon steel, 45# (GB standard) carbon steel, 40Cr steel, 35CrMoA steel and 20MnTiB etc. As for the function, railroad spike is usually used with railroad tie plate, which can connect steel rail and railroad tie together. According to the different applications, railroad spike has many types like dog spike, screw spike, elastic rail spike and so on. Among a variety of railroad spikes, where to find suitable railroad spikes? AGICO Rail will be your best choice. AGICO Rail is a railway track components supplier who has over 20 years’ experience in processing railroad spikes.

Railroad spike types

In general, railroad spike can be classified into handmade railroad spike and machine-made railroad spike. There are some typical types of railroad spike: elastic rail spike, dog spike and screw spike. All of railroad spike fasten track in different way.

Dog spike

dog spikes

Dog spike is the earliest railroad spike. Dog spike has a square shank and penetrating point. Dog spike got its name because there are two lugs on the head. It is mainly apply in fastening tie plate and wooden sleepers. Dog spike is normally made of carbon steel. The point of dog spike should be chisel-shape, and it is perpendicular to the wood tie, which can avoid splitting the wooden tie. Generally, qualified dog spike must have a clean surface without bubbles, over-burn and crack, etc. And then, the cutting edge is straight and burr and folding are not allowed in the point of dog spike.

AGICO Rail can custom any kinds of dog spike by clients’ requirements. Hot-sale sizes below as a reference.

dog spike sizes


Screw spike

screw spikes

Screw spike is a common type of railroad spike that is used in the rail fastening system. Screw spike has uniform screw thread on the shank.  Head of screw spike can be divided into some types like square head, hexagon head and double head, etc. There are many applications of screw spikes, for example, casted into concrete sleeper, as a part of railway fastening system, an etc.

AGICO Rail can supply various sizes of screw spike, including Ss series Sleeper Screw, Square head screw spike, Hexagon screw spike and Double-head screw spike, etc. More specifications at railroad spike.

Elastic rail spike

elastic rail xpike

Elastic rail spike is made of round or square spring steel. Elastic rail spike has a certain degree of elastic deformation, which can greatly reduce the vibration from rail, so it is called spring spike. Elastic rail spike has better pull-out force than other types of railroad spike. Besides, elastic rail spike is a good way to prevent loosening and easy to remove. Nowadays, elastic rail spike is widely used in Germany railway track.

AGICO Rail---railroad spike manufacturer

Since its inception, AGICO Rail is always dedicated to manufacture high-quality railroad fasteners include railroad spike, rail clips, and tie plate and other rail products. All AGICO’s products are strict accordance with ISO9000:2008 quality management system and other series of certifications. With the two decades years’ experience, AGICO Rail has many advantages as follow:

Quality control

quality control

There is a professional quality inspection department in AGICO Rail. All railroad spikes passed strict quality inspections.


AGICO Rail can provide common sizes of railroad spike mentioned above. What’s more, any kinds of railroad spikes can be customized according drawings or samples. Besides sizes, surface of railroad spike also can be treated with many ways, such as plain, color and so on.

Fast shipping


Based on the long term relationship with ship companies, we promise ship all products as soon as possible. Many kinds of package methods are available.

Free sample

For meeting all customers’ requirement, AGICO Rail can supply free sample before any orders.

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