Composite sleeper

composite sleeper

The composite sleeper, or synthetic sleeper is composed of continuous glass fiber reinforced polyurethane foam material. It has the characteristics of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material and foam material. composite railroad tie has the advantages of natural wood and plastic. For example, it has higher strength, higher specific modulus and can be used as structural material. It is light in weight, heat-insulating, chemical-resistant, insulating, and resistant to aging, similar wood properties, such as nailing and riveting. In general, composite sleeper is mainly used in high-speed railways and subways (such as ballasts, Bridge tops, platforms, etc.) ,especially where the use of concrete sleepers is limited.

Composite sleeper features

  • The installation on site is simple, and the maintenance and repair works are greatly reduced.。
  • It can keep the distance between the rail and the guard rail, the sleeper and the guard and the geometry of the line well, and the line condition is excellent and basically unchanged.
  • The sleeper surface is not easily peeled off. 
  • Sizes available: sleeper height not less than 140mm, width not less than 200mm, and length upon customer need.
  • Product quality standard: CJ/T399-2012

Composite sleeper material strength

Item JIS E1203:2007 Strength (CJ/T399-2012)
AGICO Sleeper Strength
Material Strength Bending Strength min. 70 N/mm2 min. 80 N/mm2
Young 's modulus in flexure min. 6000 N/mm2 min. 7000 N/mm2
Withstand bending load min. 170 kN min. 170 kN
Longitudinal  compressive strength min. 40 N/mm2 min. 50 N/mm2
Shearing  strength min. 7 N/mm2 min. 7 N/mm2
Adhesion shearing strength min. 7 N/mm2 (base-material  breakage) min. 7 N/mm2 (base-material  breakage)
Electrical Properties Alternating-current breakdown voltage min. 20 kV min. 20 kV
Direct-current insulation resistance min. 1 X 1010 Ω min. 1 X 1010 Ω
Pulling Strength Track spike pulling strength min. 15 kN min. 20 kN
Screw spike pulling strength min. 30 kN min. 40 kN
Unit volume mass 0.74土 0.1 g/cm3 0.74土 0.1 g/cm3
Amount of water absorption max. 10 mg/cm2 max. 10 mg/cm2

Composite sleeper production process

1. Raw materials

Main raw and auxiliary materials: continuous glass fiber, polyether polyol,  isocyanate and related components

2.  Facilities

1) Yarn system (creel, collection plate, traction head)

2) Polyurethane foam feeding system (batch tank, foaming machine, sweeping frame, swing frame and chiller)

3) Material unwinding system (unwinding frame, heating platform and structure)

4) Rolling mold system

5) Rear conveying system (conveying platform and cutting machine)

6) Impregnation Facility

7) Adhesive equipment

8) Surface coating equipment

9) Inspection equipment

3. Production process

The composite sleeper is made of long glass fiber as the reinforcing material, with polyurethane resin as base material to be foamed, solidified and synthesized. At the beginning, two kinds of liquid polyurethane raw materials of A and B are sent to mix by the metering pump in certain ratio at the head facility, then uniformly poured onto the glass fiber surface, and after being evenly kneaded, it is then foamed, solidified and formed into a rolling mold, and finally the synthetic product is automatically tracked and cut at the production line. The semi-finished product is cut into a certain length as needed, and then grinded, compounded, coated or sprayed to become a finished product. 

Woking shop of composite railroad tie

composite sleeper productioncomposite sleeper
composite sleepercomposite sleeper



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