90 lbs rail

90 lbs rail

  • Size:90 RA Rail, 90 LBS Rail, 90 ARA-A Rail
  • Standard:AREA, ARA
  • Surface:plain or as customer requirement
  • Packing:according to requirements
The 90 lbs rail (90 pound rail) is a hot-sale type of rail tracks of AGICO Rail. We specialize in providing Crane Rails (90 Lbs)  that are manufactured in accordance with the international quality standards. 90 lbs rail is defined by the Association of American Railroads (or ARA). ARA sets the standard for 10 lb/yd (4.96 kg/m) increments, from 60 to 100 lb/yd (29.8 to 49.6 kg/m). The 90-pound rail is also an AREA (American Association of Railroad Engineers) recommended profile. 

90 LBS Rail Specifications

  • Size/Capacity: 90 LBS (90 POUND)
  • Type: Heavy Rail
  • Material: 900A/1100
  • Weight: 44.65kg/m
  • Length: 12-25m
  • Usage: Railway rail, crane rail, mining tracks, automatic warehouse, etc.

90 LBS Rails drawings

90lbs rails drawings

90lbs rail parts

90 lbs Rail Dimension inch:

Rail Type Hight width (mm) Base width (mm) Head width (mm)   Web thickness (mm) Weight Kg/m Material
90 ARA-A 142.88 130.18 65.09 14.29 44.65 900A/1100

90 lbs Rail Dimension mm:

Rail Type 90 RA
Section Number 9020
Nominal Weight 90 lbs/yd (44.65kg/m)
Standard Length 39’
Area in2 8.82
Section Modulus in3 Head: 12.6 Base: 15.2
Moment of Inertia in4 38.7

Why choose AGICO Rail?

  1. Customization service as you need.
  2. European Standards and CE Marking
  3. Five years warranty.
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Based on high quality and competitive price, our lbs rails have been exported to many countries around the world, such as Canada, USA, South Africa, Indonisia, Bangladesh, Singapor, etc. Learn our projects hear.


  • TB/T2344-2012, TB/T3276-2011
  • GOST-R51685
  • UIC860
  • JIS E1101
  • AS1085, BHP RT STD
  • ASTM
  • EN 13674-1
  • TB/T3109-2013
  • YB/T5055-2014
  • ASTM A759-2000
  • EN 14811:2006
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