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Jan 05, 2018

track bolts and nuts

The bolt is consist of header and screw, and it usually works with nuts together. Bolts and nuts are used to connect two components with through-hole. We called this connection way bolt fastening. Track bolts and nuts is a kind of rail fasteners, and support the rail track system with rail joint bar, rail clip, rail pad and other rail track parts. As we all know, the rail track plays a role in guiding the train, and bear huge pressure from the vehicle. For a safe rail track operation, the track bolts have required enough strength and stability like other railway fasteners.

Track bolts and nuts have various applications due to the different function. Common types include fish bolts, rail anchor bolt (also called holding down bolt for rails), switch bolts, clip bolts and etc.

Fish bolt

The fish bolt is generally used to fix the rail joint, sometimes fish bolt can be replaced with the hexagon bolt. The fish bolt mostly applies for track laying and ballasting of metallurgical industry, coking industry, and steel industry. As for the models, there are Φ14×70 、Φ16×75、Φ18×90、Φ20×90、Φ22×135、Φ24×135、Φ24×145、Φ24×170 and etc.  The fish bolts are processed by hot-press or cold heading forming. Fish bolt is made of Q235 or 45# steel or some insulating materials.

Rail anchor bolt

Rail anchor bolt also called holding down bolt for steel rails, it can be divided into fixed anchor bolt, moveable anchor bolt, cinch bolt and connecting anchor bolt. According to the shape, anchor bolt also has L type, 9 type, U type, welded anchor bolt and embedded bolt.


  • Fixed anchor bolt is also known as short anchor bolt. It is used to fasten the equipment with less vibration and impact.

  • The movable anchor bolt is also known as the long anchor bolt. it is a knock-down bolt and used to fasten the heavy machinery equipment with strong vibration and impact.

  • cinch anchor bolt is generally used to fasten static equipment.


Rail anchor bolt is applied to the equipment fastening, foundation embedded parts of steel structure, street lamp, traffic signs, pump or boiler installation, etc.

Switch bolt

  • Materials: Q235, 45#, 40Cr, 35CrMoA, Q345B, Q345D, 20MnTiB, tb436-77, TB413-75, TB414-75, TB415-75, TB416-75.

  • SpecificationsM4-M120

  • Grade: 8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

  • Applications: construction, machinery, railway, steel, electricity and other fields.

Switch bolts torque standard

  1. fastener bolt: 1> stop plate and jam nut: 120-150N·m; 2> single nut: 120-150N·m

  2. switch tie bolt: 300-350N·m;

  3. limiting stopper bolt: 1000-1100N·m;

  4. wing rail bolt: 1000-1100N·m;

  5. point rail connecting bolt: 600N·m;

  6. 408 and 5.6-grade bolts, control the torque with spring washer, torque is bigger than 150 N·m;

  7. When the end of switch rail and the guide rail weld together, the torque is 1000-1100N·m;

  8. When the end of switch rail and guide rail is fixed with joint bar, torque is 600N·m;

  9. When the end of switch rail connects to the movable joint of spacer block, the torque is optional: 1>one side of switch rail: torque of bolts with high strength flat washer is 300 N·m; torque of bolts with high strength spring washer should be bigger than 150 N·m. 2> one side of guide rail: torque of bolts with high strength flat washer is 600 N·m; torque of bolts with high strength spring washer is 500 N·m.

  10. Stop bolt: 400-600 N·m 


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