Hey-Back Rail Fastening

Hey-Back Rail Fastening

  • Size:customization
  • Standard:Hey-back rail fastening
  • Surface:plain or as customer requirement
  • Packing:bulk in carton, then on pallet, or according to customers

The Hey-Back rail fastening is a typical rail fastening of AGICO RAIL, we supply hey-back rail fastening system for European market. 

Hey-back rail fastening system consists of two essential components, namely a rolled-steel base plate and a hey-back spring clip.

The base plate is designed with parallel ribs on each side of the rail seat to hold the rails in place, ensuring that they remain securely in gauge. The outer side of each rib is curved to form a keyway, which allows for the insertion of the spring steel clip. The clip is then driven into the keyway, and its lower side is tapered from both ends at a leading angle to facilitate its entry into the keyway.
heyback rail fastening

As the clip is driven into the keyway, the taper forces the clip forward, with its double bend acting as a fulcrum in the keyway. This process applies considerable pressure on the rail-foot, ensuring a secure and stable fit.

To ensure perfect contact between the key and keyway, each keyway is machined to a fine tolerance. The base plate is secured to the sleeper using coach screws, chair-bolts, or other fastenings of a normal type. This ensures that the entire system is secure and reliable, providing a safe and stable track for trains to operate on.

Parts of Hey-back rail fastening system

The hey-Bck rail fastening system is composed of hey-back spring clips, coach screws, and rail base plate. 

J8 Heyback Spring 0.55kg/pc 60Si2Mn J8  Heyback Spring
J9 Heyback Spring 0.64kg/pc 60Si2Mn J9 Heyback Spring
AJR54/K54 Tie Plate 7.3kg/pc
Material: 35# steel
(equivalent to S275)
AJR54 Tie Plate


1. J8/J9 Hey-back spring (Heyback clips)
Heyback Spring clip drawing

Heyback Spring clipHeyback Spring clipHeyback Spring clipHeyback Spring clipHeyback Spring clipHeyback Spring clipHeyback Spring clipHeyback Spring clipHeyback Spring clip

2. AJR54 Tie Plate

AJR54 Tie Plate drawing
AJR54 Tie PlateAJR54 Tie PlateAJR54 Tie Plate

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