Crane Rail Clip

Crane Rail Clip

  • Size:Full rail clip dimension available
  • Standard:Bolted crane rail clips, Welded crane rail clips
  • Surface:Hot-dip galvanizing, painting,galvanized,coating
  • Packing:Woven Bag/Kegs and Pallet/wooden box or upon customers

Bolted Crane Rail Clip

Bolted crane rail clips are a kind of very frequently used rail clips, and they are widely used in all types of crane and heavy equipment rail fixing systems. They fix the track firmly on the foundation structures mainly by using bolts to ensure the rails' stability and safety. Compared with welded crane rail clips, bolted crane rail clips’ installation is easier and more flexible in moving and disassembling, convenient for maintenance, but their bearing capacity is slightly inferior to welded crane rail clamps.

 bolted crane rail clipbolted crane rail clip

Bolted crane rail clips applicable scene:

  • Heavy-duty cranes: Suitable for heavy-duty equipment, such as overhead cranes, goliath cranes, etc. can provide powerful braced force.

  • Ports and terminals: Suitable for port cranes, ensure the tracks remain stable in the moisture and corrosion environment.

  • Industrial environment: Widely used in steel mills, mines, warehouses, etc. industrial environment, adapts high capacity and frequency of using requirement well.

  • Temporary rail system: Such as temporary construction track, movable crane equipment, etc.

Bolted crane rail clips advangtages:

  • High strength fixation.

  • Strong bearing capacity.

  • High wear resistance: Adopt wear-resistant material, like a worn shaft, in its structure, helping to reduce abrasion between the track and clips which lengthens the equipment’s service life.

  • Preservative treatment: Every spare part has preservative treatment, such as galvanized or sprayed anti-corrosion paint to adapt to severe environments, preventing rust and corrosion.

  • Easy to install.

  • Maintenance friendly.

Bolted crane rail clips structures:

Bolted crane rail clips mainly consist of seven sections: base, upper cover, wearing shaft, flat washer, bolts, nuts, and shims.

  • Base: Provide stable support, and fixes the track on the infrastructure through fixed device fixes.

  • Upper cover: Cover and protect the tracks, meanwhile providing extra chucking power to ensure the tracks’ stability.

  • Wearing shaft: Stand and disperse the track load and reduce the friction and wear between the tracks and the clips.

  • Flat washer: Used in bolt joints, increase the contact area to dispersive stress, ensuring connection’s fastness and stability.

  • Nuts: Used with bolts to provide tightening force.

  • Shims: Adjust the tracks' height and levelness, ensuring proper alignment of tracks.


About bolted crane rail clip material:

  • Wearing shaft: We specify uniformly adopt wear-resistant steel NM360 or NM400.

  • Base, upper cover, and shims: We support two kinds of material for your selection: Q235 or Q345 carbon steel, and 40Cr or 45# high-strength steel.

  • Flat washer and shims: We also have two kinds of material for your selection: Q235 or Q345 carbon steel, and 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Bolted crane rail clips correlation series is WJK series、SWJK series and HWJK series, please contact us for relevant parameters for the detailed parameters, except for the three series, we also have models: 2524/20, 4010/25, Oct-16.

 The following are the detailed parameters:





Rail Height

150 mm

200 mm

180 mm

Rail Width

130 mm

150 mm

140 mm

Base Width

250 mm

300 mm

280 mm

Base Thickness

24 mm

25 mm

20 mm

Upper Cover

20 mm

25 mm

16 mm

Wearing Shaft

16 mm

18 mm

16 mm

Flat Washe
r Diameter

30 mm

35 mm

32 mm

Bolt Diameter

20 mm

25 mm

20 mm


Q235, Q345

Q235, Q345

Q235, Q345

Load Capacity

120 kN

180 kN

150 kN


-40°C to

-40°C to +80°C

-40°C to

Surface Treatment


Hot-dip Galvanizing,



Indoor and
light to
crane equipment

Outdoor, medium
to heavy-duty
crane equipment

Indoor and
light to

Welded Crane Rail Clips

Welded rail crane clips are a kind of track-fixing device that is permanently attached to the supporting structure (such as concrete or steel beams) through welding. Because of its fixed way, it has extremely high strength and stability, and to the benefit of reducing shake. Also, because of its features for permanent installation, it can greatly reduce the number of maintenance. They always show a great advantage in high-load, extreme weather conditions.

Welded rail crane clips Uses:

  • Heavy-duty crane rails: Used in dealing with heavy-duty and continuous operation environments, such as ports, steel mills, and mine cranes.

  • High-stress track system: Suitable for applying to high dynamic load and frequent use, provides powerful fixed solutions.

High-temperature environment: It’s well-behaved in a high-temperature environment, such as steel mills and foundries, and welded connection provides extra stability and safety.

Welded rail crane clips advantages

  • High strength and stability: Welded rail clips provide excellent stability to stand with high dynamic load, very suitable for ports, steel, mines, etc. heavy-duty applications.

  • Permanent installation: Welded connections provide permanent solutions to ensure tracks keep rigid fixation during service life. It’s especially important in heavy-duty environments, dependability is crucial.

  • Reduce the number of maintenance: As there are no bolts or mechanical fasteners lost along with time, welded rail clips need less maintenance time than bolted crane rail clips.

  • Shock resistance: Rigid welded connections are advantageous for reducing shake, which is very beneficial to noise decline and reducing the abrasion of the tracks and the braced structure.

Welded rail crane clips structures:

Welded rail clips mainly consist of four sections: base plate, upper cover, wearing shaft, and weld joint.

  • Base plate: Provide stable support, and through weld fixed on the infrastructure.

  • Upper cover: Cover and protect the tracks to ensure the track's stability.

  • Wearing shaft: Stand and disperse the track load and reduce the friction and wear between the tracks and the clips.

  • Weld joint: Weld the base to the base structure to provide solid fixation.


About  welded rail clips' material:

Except for the wearing shaft, we specify uniformly adopt wear-resistant steel NM360 and NM400. For the other parts, we support two kinds of material for your selection: 40Cr or 45# steel Carbon steel, NM360 or NM400 High-strength steel.

The following are the detailed parameters:

Parameter WJ38 WJ50 WJ60 HW70 HW80
Rail Height (mm) 38 50 60 70 80
Rail Width (mm) 38 50 60 70 80
Base Width (mm) 60 75 85 100 110
Base Thickness (mm) 8 10 12 14 16
Cover Thickness (mm) 4 6 8 10 12
Wearing Shaft Diameter (mm) 12 16 18 20 22
Flat Washer Diameter (mm) 25 30 35 40 45
Bolt Diameter (mm) M12 M16 M18 M20 M22
Material carbon steel carbon steel high-strength steel high-strength steel high-strength steel
Load Capacity (T) 60 80 90 100 120
Temperature Range (°C) -20 to 60 -20 to 80 -20 to 81 -30 to 90 -30 to 91
Surface Treatment galvanized,
hot-dip galvanized,
Application Environment Light industrial applications Medium industrial applications Heavy-duty applications Extreme weather and heavy-duty applications Extreme
and heavy-duty

We provide: 

●Customized design: We support customized specific models and specification crane rail clips to ensure our product perfectly fits your existing equipment.
●Technology support: We provide technology inquiry and support, including the choice of crane rail cranes, install guidance, and maintenance suggestions to ensure our guests use and maintain the crane rail cranes correctly.
●Quality guarantee: Provide high-quality crane rail clip products that meet international standards and customer-specific requirements.
●After-sales service: Provide comprehensive after-sales services, including product warranty, replacement parts, and repair services to answer guests’ technology support requirements timely.
●Delivery and distribution: Provide timely delivery services, and according to the guests’ requirements conduct safe and efficient product distribution to ensure that products arrive at designated locations on time.

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