Railway Switch

Railway switch, also called turnout, it is an equipment that makes the locomotive vehicles turn from one channel into another channel. In another way, railway switch is also one of the weak links of the track. The railway switch is widely used in the railway station, marshalling station. The turnout can give full play to the carrying capacity of railroad line. Even for the single-track railway, laying turnouts and build a section of line with enough length, two different trains can run from opposite directions. 

Railway Switch Supplier from China

As a leading railway switch supplier in China, AGICO Rail can provide simple, equilateral, three-way turnout, and also accept customization according to your requirements. Based on advanced technology support and rich experience, our products have been widely applied in main line in China, and exported to North America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. 

Speeding-up Turnouts

speed-up turnout

Turnouts designed jointly by CREC

turnouts designed jointly by CREC

Self-developed high speed turnouts

self-developed high speed turnouts

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