Railroad Sleeper

Railroad sleeper, also known as railroad tie, railway sleeper, rail sleeper, is one kind of rail fasteners. According to the materials, railroad sleeper can be divided into concrete sleeper, wooden sleeper, plastic sleeper, composite sleeper, steel sleeper.

The railroad sleeper has simple structure, but plays vital roles in the railway fastening system. Railroad sleepers support the rail tracks, also maintain the position of rail track, and transfer the pressure from steel rail to rail bed. All types of railroad sleeper should have flexibility and elasticity, when the train wheel on the railroad sleeper, it can buffer pressure and back to original shape quickly. 

Why choose AGICO Rail?

  1. Our rail fasteners owns several quality certifications, such as ISO9001, IAF, CNAS and etc; 
  2. Customization service avaliable;
  3. Five years warrenty;
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  5. European Standards and CE Marking.

Wooden sleeper

wooden sleepers

Wooden sleeper is the only type of railroad sleeper in the early of railway track system. In general, the wooden sleeper has decade’s service life because of material, to prolong its use life, the wooden sleeper should be oiled or treated by other corrosion-preservation. According to the wood types, there is hardwood sleeper and softwood sleeper. Wooden sleeper produced by AGICO Rail has advantages as follows:

  • Good elasticity; 
  • Light weight; 
  • Good insulation properties;
  • Various types of wooden sleeper include treated wooden sleeper for normal track, treated wooden sleeper for turnout, treated wooden sleeper for bridge. 

Concrete sleeper

concrete sleeper

Concrete sleeper is the concrete product used as railroad sleeper, and it is made from reinforced concrete. The concrete sleeper has advantages in high-speed railway, heavy-load railway, and seamless rail compared with wooden sleepers. 

  • Good stability and uniform elasticity; 
  • Long use life and less maintenance cost;
  • Easy to maintain rail gauge;
  • Same size and hardness because of steam demoulding
  • No effect by environment. 

Steel sleeper

steel sleeper

Steel sleeper is generally applied to railway track of German and Switzerland, and some railway line in the tropical zone. 

  • No afraid of fire, worms;
  • Easy to process and maintain;
  • Lighter weight than that of concrete sleeper, easy to transport;
  • Ability to work under pressure;
  • Large supporting capacity;
  • Hard to damage, high recovery rate, reach to about 70%.

Composite sleeper

composite sleeper

Composite sleeper is similar in appearance, easy to install, also have good insulation and stability, even in the adverse weather condition. it is water resistant, fire resistant, corrosion resistant and environment-friendly. 

  • Long service life, about 40-50 years, high cost performance;
  • Light weight, random lengths available, no need of modal;
  • Low cost of installation and maintenance;


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