Ss35 rail sleeper screw spike

Ss35 rail sleeper screw spike

  • Size:Ss35
  • Standard:UIC864-1
  • Surface:plain or as customer requirement
  • Packing:plastic bags and wooden pallets or according to clients
The Ss35 screw spike is a type of threaded fastener specifically designed for rail track applications. It consists of a high-strength steel body with a square or hexagonal head for easy installation and removal. The spike is manufactured to meet stringent industry standards, ensuring reliable performance and durability under heavy loads and varying environmental conditions.

AGICO Rail has rich experience in rail sleeper screw spike manufacturing, we can offer Ss5 Ss8 Ss23 Ss25 Ss35 screw spikes with factory price. Based on high quality and best service, our screw spikes have been exported to Canada, the USA, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Chile, etc. If you have any need, please send your request directly!

sleeper screw spikes

Type Dimension (mm) Weight (Kg)
Ss5-150 M24×150 0.545
Ss8-140 M24×140 0.528
Ss8-150 M24×150 0.548
Ss8-160 M24×160 0.568
Ss23-160 M24×160 0.645
Ss25-165 M24×165 0.625
Ss35-161 M24×160 0.657

Installation Process:

  1. Installing the Ss35 screw spike requires adherence to specific procedures to ensure optimal performance and safety. Here are the general steps involved:
  2. Prepare the rail sleeper or concrete tie by drilling a precise hole according to the spike's specifications.
  3. Insert the Ss35 screw spike into the hole, ensuring it is securely positioned.
  4. Utilize appropriate tools, such as a wrench or spike maul, to tighten the screw spike until it is firmly fixed in place.
  5. Repeat the process for the remaining spikes, maintaining consistent spacing and alignment along the rail.

Why choose AGICO Rail?

  1. Customization service.
  2. European Standards and CE Marking
  3. Strong production capacity
  4. Rich experience in rail sleeper screw spike

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Based on high quality and competitive price, our rail components have been exported to many countries around the world, such as Canada, USA, South Africa, Indonisia, Bangladesh, Singapor, etc. Learn our projects hear.

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