Casting production line of AGICO Rail

May 09, 2018

foundry production line

AGICO Rail is a railroad fasteners manufacturer with two decade of experience. We supply railway fastening system, rail track, railway fish plate, railroad tie plate, rail clips, track bolt and nuts, railroad spike and other related rail fasteners. Our railway fasteners has been exported to the United States, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Africa and other countries or regions. 


Most of our products are made from metal materials, which can be processed by casting, forging and other methods. Today we will introduce our casting production line for rail fasteners. The casting production line of AGICO Rail adopts flaskless molding vertical line. The production line has advantages of high precision, high efficient, environmental protection and low pollution. The daily output of casting production line can reach 100 tons. 

casting production line


As for the applications, it can be used to process various kinds of rail products, such as tie plate, rail shoulder, rail anchor, rail clamp, rail brace and etc. 

casting rail fasteners

More about casting

Casting is one of the hot-working craft of metal, and it has approximately 6000 years’ history. Casting include two steps, firstly, put melt solid metal into liquid metal; secondly, add it into the casting mould with particular shape, and wait the liquid metal is solidified and formed.


  1. Apply for intricately shaped components manufacture, especially for the rough casting with complicated cavities.
  2. Resource of raw materials is wide and low-cost, such as scrap steel, waste parts and smear metal.
  3. The shape and size if casting is much closed to parts reduce the cutting processing.
  4. Wide applications, 40%-70% of agricultural machineries and 70%-80% of machine tool are all casting parts.


  1. The mechanical property of casting is worse than forging piece, for example, coarse structure and more defects.
  2. In the sand casting, the most production is single piece or small-scale processing, high labor intensity.
  3. The casting has unstable quality, multi process, and it is easy to produce defects. 

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