Typical railroad track repair equipment overview

Sep 21, 2015
As an essential component of railway system, the railroad track is always used to ensure the safety and quality of the transportation. During the transportation, the correct position of railroad tracks should be ensured to avoid the horizontal and vertical displacement. What’s more,
in order to ensure the quality, the railroad repair equipment is becoming more and more important.

Typical type of railroad track repair equipment

 maintenance-of-way-equipment railroad track repair equipment
The maintenance-of-way-equipment is used to lay, repair, clear and maintain the structure of railroad track. And it is also widely used in spikers, tie exchangers, spike pullers, rail lifters, clip applicators and removers and so on. What’s more, there are still other types of railroad track repair equipment for different use, such as anchor machines, clearing right-of-way machines, clip machines, rail lifters, rail trains, spike-driving machines and so on. They form a complete system of railroad repair equipment. 

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