How to install WJ-8 rail fastening system?

Jun 09, 2017

High speed WJ-8 rail fastening system is designed for ballastless track with shoulder. It is composed of screw spike, flat washer, elastic rail clip, rail insulator, rail gauge block, rail tie plate, rail pad, and rail plastic dowel. Besides, rail adjustable pads are required because of steel rail position adjustment. WJ-8rail fastening system is a non-separated rail fastening system with a tie plate. The concrete sleeper or rail ditch is provided with a concrete shoulder. The load from train transfer from the rail tie plate and the gauge block to the concrete shoulder, which reduce the effect of lateral load, so that the structure is more stable.

Parts of WJ-8 rail fastening system

Rail clip and Rail pad

rail clip and rail pad

Rail clip for WJ-8 rail fastening system can be classified into two types: W1 type rail clip for common section and X2 type rail clip for bridge. The diameter of the W1 type rail clip is 14 mm and the diameter of the X2 type is 13 mm.

As for the rail pad, there are two types for different application. Rubber tie plate is generally applied to the common section. When the train passes bridge, it needs to reduce the track resistance, and adopts X2 type rail clip equipped with composite pad. At this time, each set of rail fastening system has 4 KN longitudinal resistance of rail.

Rail gauge block

Rail gauge block

Rail gauge block is used to withhold the rails and adjust the gauge as needed. It can be applied in two places: common section and rail connections. Rail gauge block for common section is divided into 11 sizes: No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6, No.7, No.8, No.9, No.10, No.11, and No.12. No7 is used for standard rail gauge, No.10, No.11, No.12 can be used for rail connections.

Rail insulator

rail insulator

Rail insulator type usually includeⅠandⅡ.Ⅰtype rail insulator is used in the common section and Ⅱtype is used in the rail connections.

Resilient pad under tie plate

Resilient pad under tie plate

The resilient pad under tie plate ca n be divided into type A and B. Type A is applied to railway for both passenger and cargo. And type B is mostly for passenger railway.

Screw spike

screw spikes

Screw spike has S2 and S3 type, when rail increase is less than 15 mm, use type2, on the contrary, use S3 type.

Rail Plastic dowel

Rail Plastic dowel

Rail plastic dowel is pre-embedded in railway sleeper or track slab. Embedded precision should meet the requirements, and top of plastic dowel is even with railway sleeper or track slab. After rail plastic dowel is laid, cover the plastic (or other material) to prevent rain and mud.

Rail adjustable pad

Rail adjustable pad

Rail adjustable pad and tie plate adjustable pad are two kinds of adjustable pads in the WJ-8 rail fastening system. Rail adjustable pad is placed between rail pad and tie plate, it can be divided into 4 standards by thickness, including 1mm, 2mm, 5mm and 8mm. tie plate adjustable pad is placed between Resilient pad and railway sleeper (or track slab), it has two standards like 10mm and 20mm. Tie plate adjustable pad is made up of two pieces, they are generally used in pairs.

WJ-8 rail fastening system installation

Preparatory work

  • Prepare suitable type of rail clips, rail pad and 1mm, 2mm rail adjustable pad.
  • PrepareⅠtype rail insulator andⅡtype rail insulator for rail connections.
  • Prepare No.7 rail gauge block and No.6 No.8 type is optional.
  • Prepare tie plate adjustable pad (type A or B)
  • Prepare S2 type screw spike.
  • Clean the mud on the railway sleeper, track slab or rail base.
  • Remove the cover of rail plastic dowel.
Remove the cover of rail plastic dowel.

Installation steps

Installation steps

  1. Tie plate adjustable pad laying. Set tie plate adjustable pad on the center of support rail bed, and make hole of pad align to the hole of rail plastic dowel.
  2. Tie plate laying. The center of the bolt hole of the tie plate should be aligned with the center of the embedded casing.
  3. Set rail pad on the center of tie plate, flange of rail pad should withhold tie plate.
  4. Install the appropriate gauge block. Arc of gauge block should be placed in the groove of railway sleeper or track plate track.
  5. Install steel rail.
  6. Install rail insulator.
  7. Install screw spike.
  8. Put flat washer on the screw spike and oiled with preservative oil for railway. Then put screw spike into the plastic dowel and fasten it.

Installation adjustment

  • Check rail gauge and gauge-alignment.
  • Check rail suspension, height and etc.
Special tips: rail adjustable pad should not be set on the rail pad. Total height of adjustable pads is less than 10mm, and no more than two pieces.

WJ-8 rail fastening system maintenance

  • At the initial operational stage, pay attention to the usage of rail fastening system. For example, fastener loosing caused by rail pad compression should be timely twisted. When found the rails suspension should be timely placed the adjustable pads.
  • Change the rail fasteners in time.
  • Prevent mud entering plastic dowel when remove the screw spikes.

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