An Analysis of Rail Safety from Rail Components

Jul 08, 2016

More and more people choose train as their ways to go, which is the quickest and convenient. Why people meet up with friends by train? The main reason is railway transportation ramified all over the country. At the same time, Rail transport differs from other transport modes because its speed and output capacity. In comparison, Train has larger carrying capacity than car and plane, and better speed than ship. So the train is also an irreplaceable means of transportation and cargo. This determines that is important to focus on rail safety. As a key part of rail safety, rail components (including rail joint, railroad spike and rail clip,etc.) are vital to analyze. AGICO RAIL, a manufacturer of rail components will discuss the security issues from the function of rail components.

The function of rail components

In the whole railway,every component has different function. AGICO RAIL will analyze the role is respectively played by each of rail components.

Rail joints

Rail joint, another name is fishplate. It is a mental bar that connects the end of two rails together. The specificity of rail transport made its separability, so rail must have joint section. It is necessary to use rail joint to connect two rails, which prevent rails from loosening. Rail joint also can make sure rails steadily bear the force caused by train when train passes through. And rail joints reserve expanding space for high heat climates. Rail joint is a rail component that ensures the railroad transportation safety.


Fish bolt

Fish bolt is used with rail joints, so-called because rail joint is known as fishplate. Fish bolt gets through the holes of rail joint and rail, and play a bolton role in the connection. Using fish bolt with matching fishplate can work better on fire protection, and prevent from accident.


Railroad spike

Railroad spike is one of the most important rail components. It is a large nail with an offset head. The railroad spike is used to fasten the rail and tie, and its main function is making the rail in gauge. The railroad spike is mental product, from production processes, railroad spikes can be divided into two types: handmade railroad spike and machine-made railroad spike.


Rail clip

Rail clip is a primary elastic fastening. It is used to fix the rail on both sides of the sleeper. The bending and distortion of rail clip have effect on the rail. It chronically and effectively ensures the reliable connection between the rails. Rail clips also prevent the vertical and horizontal movement between rails and sleepers as far as possible. So that rail traffic is safe. In addition, as the contact between train wheels and the rails is rigid contact, so it produces vibrations inevitably. And then special elastic structure of rail clip also absorbs impact energy that generated by the passing vehicle and reduces vibration. The rail clip is working under repeated and alternating stress. it sustains several actions, such as bending, torsion, fatigue and corrosion. Furthermore, when a train is passing by, it will suffer extremely instantaneous impact loads. So the performance requirement of the rail clip is strict.


In conclusion

In the analysis, we know that rail components are key to rail safety. Besides what is mentioned above, there are a wide variety of rail components. Such as rail clamp, tie plate and rail plastic dowel, etc.These rail components guarantee the railway transportation safety together.

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