Hook twin tie plate project in Canada

hook twin tie plate project in Canada

AGICO Rail supplied hook twin tie plate, joint bar and E-clips to a Canadian client in Aug, 2018. This order comes from one of three largest railway companies in Canada, we have long-term relationship. 

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About hook twin plate

HTTP, its full name is the hook twin tie plate, widely used in the railway switch. To ensure sleeper spacing, HTTP is usually used in pairs. Among these products, China's first AREMA-hook twin tie plate is 3/4" and 1" thick. 

Different available varieties:

For 3/4’’ hook twin tie plate: L23, L27, L31, LR23, LR27, LR31, H23, H27, H31.

For 1’’ hook twin tie plate: L29, L33, L37, LR28, LR32, LR36, H29, H33, H37, H41. 

For North American market, the popular size include the 3/4’’ and 1’’ thick varieties. With a modern production line, our workshop is a modern and special one and we are capable of producing such products for 1000MTS annually. 
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