Railway products for Australian market

Dec 09, 2016
railway products for australian market

As American standard railway products we summarized before, to make clients more convenient, we sum Australian standard railway products up. For Australian market, there are many kinds of railway track parts on sale, such as steel rail, railway fish plate, rail bolt and nuts, railroad spike, rail tie plate and etc. All of railway products can be customized by clients’ requirements in AGICO. Free sample and Fast shipping are available.

Steel rail

Australian standard steel rail

Steel rail is usually divided into tress types, such as light rail, heavy rail and crane rail. Every kind of rail has own application. For example, light rail is mainly applied for forested area, mines, and factory. Heavy rail is generally used in railroad construction. As for the crane rail, it is mainly used in crane equipment. Australian standard steel rails are mostly heavy rail. Common sizes include 31kg, 47kg, 50kg, 60kg, 73kg, 89kg, and details as follow.

AS standard rail

Railway fish plate

Australian standard rail joint

The railway fish plate is generally used to join end of two rails. For Australian market, there are various types of railway fish plate can be chosen. Common sizes include 31kg, 41/47 kg, 50 kg, 53 kg, 60 kg, 68 kg, NIJ-721, NIJ-722, 60AS, 85AS. Besides, many national standard rail joint can be customized by clients’ need, such as GB, BS, UIC, DIN, AREMA, African standard and South American standard, etc.

Railroad spike

railroad spike for australia

Railroad spike is used to fix rail to railroad tie. Based on AS 1085.8 standard, 19mm dog spike is more suitable for Australian market. In addition, other sizes of dog spike and screw spikes can be customized by AGICO. Common sizes include 5/8*6 '', 9/16"xL and other sizes as customers’ requirements.

dog spike for australia

Tie plate

rail base plate for australia

As an important fastener in the rail fastening system, tie plate is used to fix the rail and railway sleeper, and pass load to sleeper. As we know, tie plate work with steel rail, different sizes can be applied for related width rail base. Common rail tie plate can be classified into single shoulder and double shoulder with 4, 6, 7 and 8holes. AGICO can supply all sizes of tie plate applied for different standard rails.

Rail bolt

rail bolt

Rail bolt is used to connect end of rails, different sizes according to various sizes of rail. For Australian market, all types of rail bolt can be provided by AGICO, such as Button head oval neck track bolt, Diamond neck track bolt, Rail bolt NF F50-008, Fish bolt, Track bolt of Russian standard, Clip bolt, Clamp bolt and inserted bolt for Russia, , anchor bolt, T-bolt clamp and other special bolts, etc. Besides that, all sizes of track blots can be customized like other railway fasteners.

AGICO Rail is a manufacturer who has years of experience in making railway parts. We can provide various railway products with Australian standard according to your needs. In addition, BS, GB, JIS, DIN, AREMA standard, Indian rail products are available.

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