How much do you know about steel rail standards?

Mar 29, 2017

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Steel rail, also called rail track, is a vital part of railway track system. Steel rail undertake the task of guiding train wheel and transferring load from locomotive to railway sleeper. As an essential component of railway track structure, the quality and material of steel rail directly impact the safety and service life of railway track. For choosing high-quality steel rail, it is necessary to learn two questions: what is the standard for processing steel rail? And how steel rail are made? Today, we’ll discuss the first one---what is the standard for processing steel rail?

Steel rail standard in various countries

As for the standard of steel rail, to meet different requirement of different countries, there are many international standards for steel rail on the market. The common standards include AREMA, UIC, JIS, BS, GB, Russian standard, etc.

AREMA standard

AREMA standard steel rail

AREMA standard was formulated by the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association. American standard railway products especially steel rail generally adopt the AREMA standard. Common types include AREMA 115, 119, 132, 133, 136, 147. And so on.

Russian standard

Russian standard steel rails

There are three standards for Russian steel rail: ГOCT 24182-80,ГOCT 18267-82 and ГOCT P 51685-2000. They are designed for different steel, ГOCT 24182-80 is the standard for hot-rolled rails, andГOCT 18267-82 is for heat treated rails. GOST P 65kg is a typical type Russian standard steel rail.

JIS standard

JIS standard steel rails

JIS standard is suitable for Japanese standard railway track. Japanese standard steel rail has low technical requirement, but high product level. JIS standards for rail list as below:

  • JIS E1101: hot-rolled rails
  • JIS E1123: heat treated end of rails
  • JIS E 1120—1994: Heat treated rails

Normal JIS standard steel rail include JIS 37kg, 40kg, 50kg, 60kg and etc.

UIC standard

UIC standard steel rails

UIC standard was formulated by The International Union of Railway. UIC standard is one of the popular widely standards, many countries adopt this kind of standard to choose steel rails. UIC 54 and UIC60 are two common types.

BS standard

BS standard steel rails

BS standard is short of British standard. Obviously, BS standard is mainly used for British railway track. Ordinary types of BS standard steel rail include BS 70, 75, 80, 90, 100, etc.

European standard

European standard is one of the most advanced and strict standard for steel rail in the world. prEN13674-1:2002(E)and prEN13674-2:2003(E) are two part of European standard, the latter mainly set rules for railway switch. Besides, European standard is designed for the high-speed railway.

GB standard

GB standard steel rails

GB standard refers the standard is used for the Chinese railway. GB standard covers many types of railway track, such as hot-rolled rail, heat treated rail and rail for switch, all these steel rail can be applied in the mph 200 or 350 passenger railway, mph 160 or 200 railway, etc. common GB standard steel rail include GB 43, 50, 60, 75 and etc.

The function of steel rail standards

  • Using different standard steel rail according to the specific requirements.
  • Strictly implements international standards into the production, procurement and using.
  • Improving the production level and application level of steel rail, which keep railway track safe and prolong the using life of steel rail.

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