Insulated rail joint review

Oct 22, 2018
insulate rail joint bar

The rail joint bar, also called railway fish plate or rail fish plate. As an important accessory for railway construction, rail joint is mainly used for the rail connection between steel rails. It plays a fixed rail during train operation, maintaining the continuity and integrity of the rail. With the improvement in railway speed and load capacity, as well as the prevalence of high-speed railways, the performance requirements of rail joint bar are also increasing. At the same time, there are many types of rail joint, such as insulated rail joint and compromise joint bar, which can meet the needs of the clients.

The rail fish plate can be divided into many types, such as common railway fish plate and compromise joint bar according to different shapes; according to different materials, the rail fish plates can be divided into insulated rail joint and other kinds of fishtail plates. clients can choose the right, practical railway fish plate as their needs. The insulated rail joint bar is made by pulverizing high-strength alkali-free glass fiber impregnated epoxy resin through a high-temperature molding die. The alkali-free glass fiber has been designed and calculated by the mechanics, and has direct yarn and continuous felt various shapes and structures.

What is insulated rail joint? Generally rail joint is a metal material. The insulated rail joint are all made of insulating material. Insulated rail joint is a new type of track material that made of high-strength composite material. It is resistant to corrosion, rust, UV, non-conductivity and non-magnetic. It is a thermosetting material and cannot be processed twice, so it is not afraid of theft. The insulated rail joins connect the ends of steel rail. The steel rails after rolling should not be significantly bent and twisted. For the local bending and torsion of the light and heavy rails and the amount of their correction, the inclination of the rail end faces shall not exceed the standard. The surface of the steel rail shall be clean and smooth, and shall not have defects such as cracks, crusting or scratches; the end faces shall not have shrinkage marks and interlayers. The extent of the defects and geometrical quantities allowed for the overall surface of the light and heavy rails shall not exceed the standard.

Heat treatment technology of rail joint

A pair of railway fish plate is connected to two rail track by six rail bolts. The upper and lower shoulder slopes get in close contact with the steel rails and are subjected to the load when the train passes. They must withstand complex stress effects tension, such as bending, shearing, fretting wear, etc. In the production of rail fish plates, heat treatment is required to ensure the durability and durability of the railway fish plate. When the rail joint treated by heating, as the quenching heats up, the cooling and residual heat are obtained from the tempering temperature field, and the temperature drop curve of the water inlet mode is uniformly stable. Quenching residual heat from the tempering process in two different ways into the water can be derived, because the large waist up water depth is higher than the large waist down, so the water temperature is lower, the tissue stability strength is higher. The microstructure is uniform and the mechanical properties are superior.

Tips for insulated rail joint design

The function of the rail fishplate is mainly connected to the steel rail. If the quality of the railway fish plate is not good enough, it will affect the overall effect of railway line. The surface of the rail fish plate should be clean and smooth, and there must be no cracks or crusting. Defects such as scratches; the end faces shall not have shrinkage marks and interlayers. The extent of the defects and geometrical quantities allowed for the overall surface of the light and heavy rails shall not exceed the standard.

The use of railway fish plates is mainly used on railways. Its use also brings great convenience to the transportation of our roads. Therefore, the design requirements of the rail fish plates and other quality requirements are also very important. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the rail fish plate through the above introduction. AGICO Rail is a leading railway fasteners manufacturer from China, we can provide AREMA, UIC, BS, GB or other international standard rail joint bar, also supply custom-designed rail joint or other railroad fasteners.

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