What Is A Timber Sleeper?

Nov 14, 2017
what is a timber sleeper

Timber sleeper, it is a kind of wooden sleeper. When we mention the timber sleeper, we will associate with the railway wooden sleeper at first. In common, we will discover the timber sleepers under the steel rails. Of course, as a railway component, the railway timber sleepers play a big role in the railway system. For the railway system, the railroad timber sleepers are an infrastructure. It is a support for the steel rails.

Generally, the timber sleepers lay on the ballasts, and the steel rails are fixed on these railway timber sleepers so that ensuring the safety of the train. On the other hands, the timber sleepers hold the steel tracks at the right position and keep them in a correct gauge. What’s more, the railway sleepers should reduce the vibration of the rails to some degree. 

Besides, timber sleepers are a decoration for the garden. Many people would like to use the timber sleepers to decorate the garden. For example, the timber sleepers can be used to make a parterre, garden chairs, garden tables and pergola kits and so on. We will introduce the timber sleepers based on the two main usages: railway timber sleepers and garden timber sleepers.

 Railway timber sleeper

railway timber sleeper

As we have mentioned, the crucial function of the timber sleepers is as a railway component. The timber sleeper is also called wooden rail ties or wooden sleeper. In 150 years ago, when the railways were developed in Europe and the United States, the material of the sleepers was wood. Along with the development of technology, there are steel railway sleepers and concrete railway sleepers in the market. But the wooden railway sleepers as traditional sleepers, they still have a big demand. So far, there are more than 2.5 billion wooden railway sleepers worldwide and these railway sleepers make up the majority of the diverse materials used.

Why the railway timber sleepers dominate the market? The most important advantage of the wooden railway sleepers is the adaptability.
The wooden railway sleeper can be used in various types and widths of tracks. Meanwhile, it can be used in different environments. Moreover, it is suited for the heavy loads. As we know, different countries have the different standard for the steel rails. We have introduced the steel rails standards in the past.

For the different standard rails, the wooden railway sleepers have an impeccable performance. What’s more, the rail sleepers bear enormous pressure when the train passes away. So how heavy is a railroad tie actually? In common, a wooden railroad tie weight is close to 200 pounds that means the quality of the railway sleepers is much more important.

Besides the wooden railway sleeper, there are the concrete sleeper, steel sleeper and plastic railway sleeper in the market. Different material railway sleepers have their own advantages. For example, the concrete sleeper has longer service life compared with other type’s railway sleepers. And the plastic railway sleepers are good at reducing the vibration and so on. We have written a railway sleeper materials overview in term of the four types railway sleepers, we hope that can help you realize these products.

Garden timber sleeper

garden timber sleeper

Garden sleeper is another main function of the timber sleepers. Along with the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people attach importance to the quality of the life. The timber sleeper can be used in many fields and it gets more and more people’s favor. In term of making the garden decoration, there are many types for you to choose. For example, you need to know what kind of gate you want if you want to make a gate by yourself. There are the oak gate and treated softwood gate. Whatever Building a raised bed or making a parterre, the timber sleeper can help you make it come true. Maybe some people are curious about how to build a raised bed with railway sleepers. We provide more details about the manufacturing operation.
In a word, we have introduced the timber sleepers through its two main functions. Whatever railway timber sleepers or garden timber sleepers, the quality of the timber sleepers must reach the standards. As a railway component manufacturer with abundant experiences, AGICO Rail can guarantee the quality of our products. Of course, if you still have other questions or you have demand for the railway components you can contact us directly. Except for the railway sleepers, we also provide others railway components like rail clips, tie plates and so on.

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