Rail joint bar project in the UAE

rail fish plate project by AGICO Rail

In February, 2018, AGICO Rail provides UIC 60 rail joint bars to clients from the UAE. This order is used in the maintenance project of UAE railway about 60 km long, which use UIC rail track and Fast clip rail fastening system.

joint bar project

BV inspection

BV test of rail joint

Railway track of UAE

UAE railway

The UAE is located on the southern bank of the Persian Gulf in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, with an area of 85.47 million square meters and a population of 2 million. The UAE road network is developed and the land transportation is very convenient. Even in today's highly developed aviation industry, railway transportation still plays an irreplaceable important role in the global passenger and freight transportation industry relies on its safety and efficiency, and convenience. Especially in the construction of regional railway network, it is conducive to promoting regional trade development, alleviating road traffic congestion, connecting population gathering areas, and promoting economic prosperity and development.
Railway track has received the attention of all countries in the world. In recent years, As the Gulf region strong economic growth relies on abundant oil and gas resources, population growth has been rapid, and fuel prices have been low. Therefore, the problem of road traffic congestion has become increasingly prominent. In order to ensure the synchronization of infrastructure and economic development, and provide faster land transportation services for the flow of goods and resources. Through the development of the railway network, the UAE hopes to build itself into an important transportation hub for goods entering and leaving the Gulf. In terms of rail transit construction, the UAE is also Pioneer of the metro and light rail projects in the Gulf region. 

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