Railroad spike project in America

railroad spike projects in the USA

AGICO Rail supplies 5/8*6’’ track spikes to AMERICEN clients in Oct. 2016. All these railroad spikes are packaged by 432pails.

dog-spikes project

dog-spike inspection

American railway market analysis

The railway transportation takes very important part in the American economy. Even to this day, the United States still has 422,000 kilometers length of railway. American railway rank first in the world, accounting for about 35% of the total length of the world railway. The US railway companies show such characters as highly concentrative and large numbers. In term of geography, the local railway advance towards national railway. American railroad unify network and transportation and developed its system. At the same time, separation of passenger and cargo, multi-line competition are the typical features of the US railway.

In short, although the American railway is placed in stiff transport market competition, it plays an insignificant role in the passenger transportation, and still maintains a considerable share of the freight market. Besides, railway companies also have relatively huge profits. So the US railway occupies an important place in the national economy.

American standard railway products

Currently, the United States is one of the biggest markets for AGICO Rail. We can supply various American standard railway products that are specialized in American market, such as rail joint, steel rail, railroad tie plate and dog spikes, etc. Welcome all clients to choose as your needs and fast delivery and free sample are always available.

american standard rail fasteners

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