How Much Are Railroad Spikes Worth?

Nov 01, 2017
how much are the railspike worth? agico rail

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Railroad spike, some people call it track spike. It is a kind of rail nails to ensure the gauge between the two rails in a certain range. The railroad spike has been used to hold the rails firmly in place to the railway ties, or to some other form of lateral support.

Railroad spike is a member of the rail fastening system. The rail fastening system also contains rail clip, rail joint, tie plate and others rail fasteners, and all these rail fasteners play a big role in fixing the rail tracks and securing the running train. The entire rail system includes the rail, tie, tie-plate, and ballast. All of them have a crucial and specific function. Railroad spikes are usually used with the rail tie plate to connect the steel rails and the railway sleepers.

Applicable value

As a rail fastener, railroad spike has a big applicable value at first. The earliest spikes were simply crude nails. The most common type has been used regularly since the early 1830s within the modern industry developed. At first, the railroad spikes are just used in conducting with the wooden railway ties. Based on the applicable value, the railroad spike has two fundamental functions.


  • Firstly, railroad spike has a big effect on maintaining the railway gauge. Railroad spikes cooperate with the rail tie plate to fasten the steel rails in the correct position. As we know, the steel rails bear enormous pressure when the train passes away so the rails will move a little distance without the fasteners. Keep the rails at the correct position is the first railroad spike worth.

  • Secondly, railway spike guarantees the rails are in close connection with the railroad ties. Under the huge pressure, the connection between the rails and railway ties may be loosed in a certain extent that will cause the accident. The railway fasteners should keep them in close connection as far as possible.

Along with the development of the railway industry, the concrete ties specialized clips have become common than the railroad spike. Even both of them essentially perform the same function but the rail clips appear nothing like the typical railroad spike.

Market value

various railroad spike


Even though the function of the railway spike is the same, but there are many types railroad spike. Generally, the most popular railroad spikes are the dog spike and screw spike among the various railroad spike. Different types railroad spike are used in different rail systems. So the prices are different.

 Dog spike

For example, the dog spikes are used to fasten the T-shaped rails to the wooden railway sleepers. The dog spike has a pointed penetrating head and a square shank. Put the square shank into the rail tie plate hole and the head buckles the steel rail bottom surface when you use the dog spike.

Screw spike

Screw spike is also common type rail spike. The screw spikes are used to the railway tie plate and the railway ties. The railroad spike can cooperate with the plastic thread bushings and these plastic thread bushings are pre-poured into the cement pillow.

Besides, there are hexagon screw spikes, double-head screw spikes, and other type’s railroad spike to be supported. All of them, including dog spike and screw spike, all these railroad spikes can be customized. The surface of the railway spike can be plain, black, and the railroad spikes dimensions can be customized, either.

Based on these elements, the price of the railroad spike cannot be defined. And different companies have their own quoted price. If you are interested in the price, you can contact AGICO Rail to request the price of each kind of railroad spike.

Railroad spike art value

railroad spike art

Except for the applicable value, some people use the railroad spike to make an artwork or a decoration. As we know, the dog spikes are made up of a head and a longer shank, which looks like a character “L”.

Some people catch this character to design many beautiful shapes like the butterfly, doggy and so on. Not only be a decoration, the railroad spike also has some foundations as a decoration. For example, the railroad spike can turn to a coat rack, knife and wine rack. The railroad spike can be made a knife after welding and casting.
After we have introduced the railroad spike worth, what do you think the railroad spike value? We have introduced the applicable value and art value, have you got a deeper understanding of the railroad spike? If you are confused about where to find railroad spike, you can contact AGICO Rail to learn more details! 

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