Seasonal and Environmental Impact on Railroad Spikes

Jul 04, 2016
seasonal and environmental impact on railroad spike

Non-natural impact on railroad spikes

The railroad spike is an indispensable part in the railway fastening system. There are some natural objective factors have impact on railroad spikes, such as weather, season, etc. The application of the railroad spike not only need consider the relevant circumstances of multiple railroad rails to ensure the corresponding installation and maintenance tool, but also the relevant attributes of the railroad. The common attributes of railroad spikes including:

  • The production mode of the railroad spike is machine-made or hand-made.
  • The material standard of the railroad spike is q235 or 45#.
  • The type of rail spike is applicative to the railway or not.
  • The railroad spike is threaded or not.
  • Type of railroad spikes, which is what you want for the section of a railway, etc. (common types include dog spike and screw spike.)

Besides these issues, we also need to pay attention to the impact of seasonal and environmental changes on railroad spikes.

Seasonal and environmental impact on railroad spikes

As a metal fastening of the railway fastening system, the railroad spike has similar attributes to general metal equipment. Crowbar is a common frequently-used installation tool in the installation and maintenance of railroad spike, it also called spike puller. One reason why crowbar is used to maintain is that railroad spikes will appear the case of corrosion, wear, fracture, deformation and so on during use. Most of these problems come from the influence of seasonal variation and environment.

rust railroad spikes

Seasonal impact

The change of air temperature and relative humidity is the main test for railroad spikes in seasonal change, which generally occurs in the change of season or area with big difference in temperature. In terms of mental rail spikes, they are easy to rust like other mental product. About this problem, the railroad spike is difficult to be treated with anti-corrosion coatings. Railroad spikes will rust during the rainy season, and the temperature change will lead directly the intensity of railroad spikes. So that freeze proof spikes need to be used at high altitudes area. These problems from seasonal change can be foreseeable and preventable. For example, smearing protective layer for railroad spikes regularly, or using high intensity railroad spikes in the application of railroad spikes.

Environmental impact

Environmental factor is also important for railroad spikes. There are many difficulties need to be considered, a lot of cases like severe convective weather, thunderstorms, high temperature and pressure environment will lead the performance of various aspects decline, such as quality, shape, intensity, durability, etc.

From the above, during the course of railroad spikes installation and application, seasonal impact on the railroad spikes is so important that it deserves more attention, and it is necessary to arrange special person in road section with furious environmental changes. To avoid occurring problems in the railroad spikes application, and make sure the function of railroad spikes in the railway transportation. 

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