How to Protect Railroad Spike from corrosion

Jul 30, 2016
How to Protect Railroad Spike from corrosion

As an important component of railway, railroad is used to fasten the rail and base plate to railroad tie. Some factors will make railroad spikes easy to suffer corrosion, including long-term use; with prolong air exposure, rain and wastewater erosion. How to protect railroad spikes from corrosion? As a professional manufacturer of railroad spikes, AGICO RAIL will introduce the way to protect railroad from corrosion in 4 steps: selection of railroad spikes, selection of railroad spikes anchoring agent, coating anti-corrosive grease and standardize anchoring technology.

Selection of railroad spikes

Before using new railroad spikes or changing broken railroad spikes, selecting alloying or nitrocarburized railroad spikes to against corrosion. Besides, good railroad spikes have anticorrosion sleeve between the first thread part and the second part. So, the effective method for protect railroad spikes from corrosion is selecting the anticorrosive railroad spikes at the beginning.


Selection of railroad spikes anchoring agent

There are two common types of anchoring agent: sulfur-anchoring agent and water-soluble anchoring agent.

Sulfur-anchoring agent

At present, anchor in railroad spikes is mainly use sulfur-anchoring agent in China. Sulfur-anchoring agent is easy to handle. But acidic electrolyte produces when HS, S2 and SO2 in sulfur-anchoring agent mixed with water. Acidic electrolyte can cause rust in railroad spikes easily. In addition to, sulfur anchor need use fire to make the sulfur. It results in some bad influence, including environmental pollution, waste of wood, damage of crops, and so on.

Sulfur-anchoring agent

Water-soluble anchoring agent

With comparison and analysis, a new water-soluble anchoring agent is more suitable. It takes hydraulic cementing materials-pure portland cement 525 as cementing material. And also takes emery as aggregate. It is worth noting that adding a certain amount of antirust agent to the water-soluble anchoring agent. Besides, ingredient is environmentally friendly material. Once mixing various materials and water together, water-soluble anchoring agent is ready to use. This kind of anchoring agent is useful to protect railroad spikes from corrosion.



Standardize anchoring technology

Anchoring technology is one of ways to protect railroad spikes from corrosion. When you fasten railroad spike on railway sleepers, attention should be paid to the following points:

  • Using anchoring bracket according to requirement. Ensure accurate railroad spike position during anchoring. 
anchoring bracket

  • Cleaning the track holes, fill it up with anchoring agent the first time. Not too much, not too little, after anchoring, the platform should be 2mm higher than support rail bed of sleeper (when rail clip is used together). The pinhole should be filled with anchoring agent. After solidification, using grafter to clean up spilled anchoring agent. Refacing the flat spaces around pinhole of railroad spike to avoid uneven surface. Flat surface can reduce water and protect railroad spikes from corrosion. 
anchoring technology

Coating anti-corrosive grease

Railroad spikes work under the condition of cold, heat, rain, wind and corrosive medium for a long time. Railroad spikes are also affected by axial vibration and radial vibration. Normal anti-corrosive grease is far from enough to meet the corrosion demand. So you need put solid filler, antioxidant, metal deactivator, anti-rust agent into anti-corrosion grease. It can improve the anti-rust property and water resistance.


anti-corrosive grease

Anticorrosion of railroad spikes should focus on the railroad spikes selecting, installation and maintenance. More knowledge about railroad spikes, click railroad spike for details.

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