Where to Buy Railroad Spikes?

Jun 29, 2016
where to buy railroad spikes

Where to buy first-rate railroad spikes? That is a big question which faces rail spikes buyers. As one of the most important components of rail fastening system, the railroad spike is usually used to fasten the rails and tie plates to the rail ties. The railroad spike work like this: the railroad spike relies on the friction between perpendicular edge and the texture, which create resistance. To be specific, it might be a problem for a buyer to searching the right railway spike from numerous manufacturers online. Here is a list of places where you can find railroad spike available, and comparison analysis of them, which helps buyers to make proper purchase decisions.

Ways to find railroad spike manufacturers

Speaking of how to find railroad spike manufacturers on line, type “railroad spike” or “buy railroad spike” into a search engine like Google, the websites of manufacturers will be displayed in the search results pages. After the preliminary analysis, the most powerful manufacturers as follows:

  • Keystone Spikes
  • Honge Fastener Industry
  • Suyu Railway Fastener

Comparison of railroad spike manufacturers

Agico RAIL 

Type It can be divided into two types, include screw spike and dog spike, the main types like dog spike, Ss series sleeper screw, Hexagon screw spike, Double-head screw spike, Square head screw spike, etc. 
Material Carbon steel
Standard GB, DIN, ISO, ANSI/ASTM, B7, BS, JIS etc.
Size 8mm-16mm or non-standard as requested.
Surface Plain, black, hot dipped galvanized, or sherardized, etc. Or according to customers requirements.
Quality AGICO passed the CRCC certification of the Railway Ministry and won ISO9001 certificate of international quality management system. All products are through strict quality control.
Project It successfully exported series of products to over 50 overseas export destinations of more than 30 countries.
Package Package methods including bulk in carton, then on pallet, or according to customers' requirement.
Sample Free

Keystone Spikes 

Type All products including Boat/Dock Spikes and Track/Mine Spikes.
Material Soft steel
Standard Not mentioned
Size 5/8
Surface Black steel and galvanized.
Quality Not mentioned
Project Rail spikes are used in many applications.
Package Not mentioned
Sample Not mentioned

Honge Fastener Industry

Type Main products including dog spike and screw spike, etc.
Material Carbon steel
Standard ISO, UIC, NF
Size Not mentioned
Surface Plain, oxide black, zinc, HDG, wax, bitumen.
Quality Pay attention to quality control management. CE certification.
Project Products have been exported to many countries.
Package Double-layer woven bag +free-fumigation pallet,
Steel Drum +Pallet;
Wooden box;
Upon customers' request.
Sample Available on request 

Suyu Railway Fastener

Type Main products including dog spike and screw spike, etc.
Materia Carbon steel
Standard GB, TB
Size Not mentioned
Surface Plain, black, HDG, galvanized.
Quality All products have SGS, BV certifications.
Project Not mentioned
Package Not mentioned
Sample Not mentioned

In terms of analysis of specifics above, a result can be clearly know: AGICO RAIL is more suitable than other manufacturers of railroad spikes.


Why choose the railroad spike of AGICO? 

Why Choose AGICO

AGICO railroad spikes are selected because of following features:

  • For type: AGICO RAIL railway spikes with more varied types, which offering additional choices for buyers. Besides, AGICO RAIL is a manufacturer that is specialized in manufacturing and supplying railway products, it will be convenient to buy other products you need.
  • For material & surface: AGICO railroad spikes are made out of carbon steel, and all rail spikes’ surface can be processed according to customers need.
  • For standard: AGICO has more standards to choose, no matter what standard you choose, AGICO can meet your requirements.
  • For quality: AGICO RAIL has strict quality control team, and pass a number of quality certificates, railroad spikes buyers can rest assured to buy.
  • For project: AGICO RAIL AGICO successfully exported products to over 50 overseas export destinations of more than 30 countries, based on its high quality and cost-saving price. It means that AGICO has plenty of experience in railroad spikes export.
  • For service: In order to meet different customers’ requirements, AGICO provide many kinds of package methods, and offers free sample of railroad spikes.

To sum up, for a buyer, when you are puzzled about where to buy railroad spikes, AGICO RAIL will be your wise choice. If you want learn more suggestions on buy railroad spikes online, click tips for buy railroad spikes online, you will find the answer.

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